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Employee Spotlight - Sera Sweeney

April 20, 2019


Sera started her dedication to this work back in India where she used to do some voluntary work with Disabled people.  When she came to Malta she started to work as a Live In Carer with the Elderly. Now Sera works as a community carer with the Elderly assisting them by making them feel comfortable and more independent in their daily needs.

Sera is a very calm, patient and understanding person.  She is a very good listener and compassionate. When she is helping others she likes to put herself in their shoes and think how she would like to be treated, and act accordingly.


What do you like most about your job?

“Meeting with different clients with different backgrounds and experiences.  With all their past experiences, families, and different cultures it makes me appreciate more the important values of life.  They inspire me to make the most of my life and never take things for granted.”


What advise do you give to aspiring carers?

“To be respectful - mostly when working with elderly one needs to pay more attention as their helplessness is one of their main attribute.

Patience is a very important virtue in this kind of job.  Put yourself in their position.  Treat them like you would like to be treated if you were in their shoes.”