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Employee Spotlight - Vidya Ahmedshah

June 28, 2019

This month I had the pleasure to sit down and get to know better one of our employees, her name is Vidya Ahmedshah and she is from India.  In her country Vidya used to work in the Health Sector as a Nurse where she has learnt the virtues one require to be able to assist the patient in the best way possible.

In Malta Vidya started to work as a care worker in the community by assisting Elderly and Disabled People in their personal care. She does her utmost to keep her patients calm, serene and respecting people regardless of the age and condition. Punctuality also plays a very important role for her when she needs to attend to one of her patient. 

Vidya strives to provide service physically and also mentally. Besides making sure that all the caring aspects towards the client are taken care off she also like to give the patient some companionship by trying to talk to them about their life, likes and dislikes. Vidya says “Our patient make us feel as part of their family, once our role is provided in the correct way. When clients tell me or show me that they are happy with the service provided they make me feel enthusiastic and encourage me to keep on going with my work”.

Whilst providing Palliative Care is very tiring job, it gives you her great satisfaction that she is making her patient feel comfortable in their end of life. She tries to motivate them to be able to express one’s self.

What advise do you give to aspiring carers?

“To respect each Individual, irrespectively of the age or medical condition.  Be Sympathetic and Empathetic at the same time.  Interpersonal Relationship together with Personal Care are the fundamentals in providing a very good service to your patient”.