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Employee Spotlight - Biji John

June 1, 2020

Biji John is one of Apex Group, community carers. She is originally from India and has been working in the health sector for 14 years.  In her country Biji used to work as a Nurse, during this time she has learnt the qualities and skills needed to be able to assist the patient in the best way possible.

Looking after the elderly is a very challenging job. It is one of the most fulfilling careers, but to be successful, certain personal qualities are required to make sure that the patient is well taken care off . Biji has been working as a community carer, with Apex Group, for the past 1 year and 8 months. Together with her work experience and strong character, she portrays three good qualities that are needed as carer.  She is a very respectful, reliable and practical person.

When attending to the client she makes sure that she connects with the client physically and mentally.  Biji says “A good carer is able to connect with the person, not just as a patient who needs care”.

What advise do you give to aspiring carers?

“To be sincere, sympathetic and Cooperative with those around you”